Granite is a tough, practical and beautiful material, which is a popular choice as a luxury worktop. There are many different types of granite available, with prices varying depending on the rarity of the stone. Granite is a bespoke product - being templated and then fabricated on large C&C machines to the exact specification of your kitchen.

Granite is heat, scratch and stain-resistant. However, it is not indestructible. To prevent "thermal-shocking" which can cause cracking of the stone - it is recommended that heat mats and trivets be used with hot pans. Granite can also be a porous material, so it is sealed at the fabricating stage and it is recommend that it should be re-sealed approximately once every twelve months.

There are many different colours, shades and styles of granite available, which will complement many different kitchen designs and help to create that all-important wow factor.

Quartz Worktops

A Quartz worktop is a beautifully engineered stone that comprises of approximately 93% natural Quartz & 7% resin and colour pigments. Opting for a Quartz worktop will provide you with a durable, practical material that is available in many attractive colours. 

Like Granite, Quartz is a bespoke product being templated and then fabricated on large C&C machines to the exact specification of your kitchen.

During the manufacturing process of a Quartz slab, resin and colour pigments are added. This process enables you to have your Quartz worktop in many different colours and in a selection of finishes. The 7% 'man-made' element of the Quartz slab produces a non-porous material, which means that they do not require sealing. This process makes for an extremely stain-resistant worktop.

The benefits of a Quartz worktop are that it removes some of the issues that can arise with natural materials such as granite or marble. Selecting a Quartz worktop for your new kitchen will give a contemporary and stylish look whilst also providing the feel of a natural stone.  


Corian is a brand of solid surface worktops created by DuPont. Corian is made from a unique blend of minerals and acrylics, which create a solid surface that can be shaped to provide many different design specifications.

Solid surface works tops like Corian, offer many benefits such as being non-porous, repairable, and offering seamless and inconspicuous joins that will complement any kitchen design. Corian can offer an extremely hygienic worktop with "coved" upstands and moulded all-in-one sinks - therefore eliminating areas where dirt can accumulate.