Euphoria Kitchens are proud to Partner with Neff fitted appliances. Neff was founded in Germany over 135 years ago and offer an extensive range of quality kitchen appliances including the Neff Slide and Hide ovens.

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Induction Hobs

Induction Hobs have been around for many years. However, it is over more recent times that we have seen their popularity increase. An Induction Hob looks identical to a Halogen Ceramic Hob offering an easy-to-clean glass surface, whilst still providing the cooking control that you would normally associate with a Gas Hob. 

An Induction Hob works by creating a magnetic connection between the hob and the pan. This process makes an Induction Hob extremely efficient as it heats only the contents of the pan. As well as being fully controllable and very efficient - an Induction Hob is also extremely safe. For those that have cooked with a traditional Halogen Hob before will appreciate just how hot the glass will be become, and if touched, will lead to a burn - even after considerable time after use. Although the glass top of an Induction Hob will retain some residual heat, it would be comparable to a hot central heating radiator, for example. Once the hob is turned-off, the hob will very quickly cool.

N.B. Induction Hobs require a magnetic connection between the hob and the pan for the appliance to work. This means that the correct pans need to be used. A simple test is to place a magnet onto the underside of your pan - if it sticks, the pan will work with the Induction Hob. 

Pyrolytic Self Cleaning Ovens

Pyrolytic Ovens work by burning-off the grease and spills that are left over from the baking and roasting of foods within the oven. The Pyrolytic Cleaning process involves the oven heating itself to a temperature of 500 degrees centigrade, thus burning the grease to an ash which can then be wiped-clean with a damp cloth - meaning no chemical products required. Pyrolytic Ovens are extremely cost efficient with the electrical running cost of the cleaning cycle costing just a few pence.

Steam Cooking

Steaming is one of the healthiest cooking methods available, and is becoming more and more popular. Steam ovens are an extremely versatile appliance that can be used for cooking, defrosting, reheating and even sterilising items such as babies' bottles. They can also be used to rejuvenate foods - such as last night's takeaway.

Cooking by steam will retain the food's full flavour, colour, vitamins and minerals. Steam cooking is also a cleaner way of cooking, as there is no messy oil or fat to worry about.

Steam ovens are also extremely economical; using far less electricity than other conventional cooking methods.